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Armenian Rugs Society Symposium March 2015



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9-15-21, 2014

Vienna Fountain

Vienna Austria




The Armenian Rugs Society will be participating in the International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC) in Vienna and Budapest from September 15-21, 2014.

Rather than the usual series of lectures at a single venue, attendees will travel to different museums and other locations, where they will have the opportunity to see many textiles.

In Vienna, an exhibition of Armenian rugs and textiles will be among the sites visited. Speakers will include Lauren Arnold and Berdje Achdjian.

For further information, contact Joe Bezdjian at 650-787-6538.





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International Rug Conference








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Lauren Arnold

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February 22-24, 2013







Lauren Arnold

Lauren Arnold

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Art historian Lauren Arnold will give a presentation on the subject of her ongoing research into oriental carpets in early Renaissance paintings.

Her online Carpet Index debuted on flickr in 2008, and includes over 300 images of oriental carpets in Renaissance paintings. Lauren's research for her upcoming new book has led her to several startling new conclusions about the nature of these painted carpets in Italian works of art.

Sano di Pietro, Betrothal of the Virgin


Sano di Pietro, Betrothal...


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For one, she has fresh evidence of significant Christian iconographic meaning for them as markers of holy ground beneath the Virgin Mary; and two, she will demonstrate that before 1500, the depicted carpets are not of Muslim manufacture, per conventional wisdom, but are of eastern Christian origin.

Arnold believes that their presence in Italian paintings indicates a significant migration of Christian Armenians, Georgians, and Syrians into the Italian peninsula and elsewhere in the west in advance of militant Ottoman pressure in the east, which culminated in the fall of Constantinople to the Muslim Turks in 1453.

Armenian Cross Met




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II.  Iconography in Armenian Woven Art

Master weaver and textile designer Hratch Kozybeyokian will speak on Iconography in Armenian Woven Art. One of the most ancient of Armenian decorative arts, rug making is a mix of aesthetics, functionality and material culture, as well as being a true folk art. As striking as the carpets are, their patterns express not only beauty, but a symbolic language as well--a deep red field has significance far beyond its appearance; four zoomorphic figures arranged around a cross and centered in the field axis form not just a medallion but a statement of faith. A hand-woven rug can represent a throne or a holy area, can provide evidence of wealth or royalty, or can be a testament or dedicatory object.






Inscribed Armenian Rug


                including show and tell

We will carpool to Hratch Kozybeyokian's workshop, where Hratch will give us a tour of the compound, and Lauren Arnold will speak briefly about her most recent research. There will also be a light lunch, provided by the ARS.

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