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Armenian Rugs ― Dates & Inscriptions

In many cases the dates shown on Armenian Rugs are followed by the Armenian letter TIV TIV) or by the word AMI or ami (AMI). AMI is often represented by the monogramarsAlphetGraphics.

A date followed by TIV may be translated as “on the date ― “ while a date followed by AMI may be translated as “in that year ―.”

Another common form is the letter I (I) or the letters IN (IN). This is an ordinal form, e.g. transforming ‘20’ into ‘20th.’ Most dates are written clearly, even where the accompanying inscription is garbled.

―Arthur T. Gregorian*

For an example of TIV see the Rug of the Month April 05
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For an example of AMI see the Rug of the Month September 07
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Armenian Alphabet






*Armenian Rugs from the Gregorian Collection Arthur T. Gregorian and Joyce Gregorian Hampshire